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The Streak Registry : USRSA's Official Quarterly Newsletter
Current Issue: Spring, 2012 Volume Twelve, Number One

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Streak Anniversaries

From the Streak Registry

Streak Runners International Founded

Mark Covert Featured on Japanese Television

The Longest Female Running Streak Ends After 33 Years - Julie Maxwell

Ken Young's Running Streak Ends After 41+ Years

Gary C. Jones' Running Streak Ends After 39+ Years

Streak Runner Rich Wright Selected to the Pittsburgh Marathon Hall of Fame

Scotland's Alastair Russell Becomes First International Runner to Join Streak Association - Alastair Russell

Go Gator - Scott Ludwig

John Liepa's Streak Reaches 35 Years - John Liepa

Running 34 Years and Counting - Rick Porter

From the Other Side of the Bed - Cherry Porter

Tim Hardy's Streak Report 2011 - Tim Hardy

John Faz's Running Travels - John Faz

12,782 Days and Counting - Bill Robertson

California Race Report - Zen and Now - Craig Snapp

The Female Tundra Traversing Boom- Stephen DeBoer

THE 70,000 Mile Club- Stephen DeBoer

Herbert L. Fred, M.D. Total Running Mileage Per Year - Herbert L. Fred, M.D.

Member Updates

Active USA Running Streak List

Retired USA Running Streak List

Active International Running Streak List

Retired International Running Streak List

The Finish Line - Mark Washburne

Exclusive Bonus Articles Available Online Only!

Reading List - Spring 2012- George A. Hancock & Craig B. Snapp

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