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Current Issue: Summer, 2011 Volume Eleven Number Two

Thank you John and Dawn Strumsky - Mark Washburne

Streak Anniversaries

From the Streak Registry

38 Year Running Streak Ends - Walt Byerly

Gary Jones Marks 39th Year of Streak Running - Gary Jones

Streak Ends for Dwight Moberg - Dwight Moberg

My Running Career - Nicholas Martinez

Meeting Running Royalty - Craig B. Snapp

Snapp's Snippets

Traversing the Tundra at 60 - Stephen DeBoer

A Runner's High That Goes On for Decades - Zach Shonbrun

Member Updates

Active Running Streak List

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Retired Running Streak List

USRSA Facebook Question

Closing Remarks - Mark Washburne

Exclusive Bonus Articles Available Online Only!

Streak Notes - Summer 2011- George A. Hancock

Reading List - Summer 2011- George A. Hancock & Craig B. Snapp

Craig Dawnjohn Snapp Letter- Craig B. Snapp

USRSA honors Steve DeBoer on 40th Anniversary Run- Steve Morrow

40th Anniversary Speech- Steve DeBoer

40th Anniversary Congratulation Messages for Steve DeBoer- Steve Morrow

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