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The Streak Registry : USRSA's Official Quarterly Newsletter
Archived Issue: Winter, 2003 Volume Two Number Four

Our Running Community - Dawn N. Strumsky

The Running Saga of the Mountain Man

Winter Running - Stephen Gould

CardioVision 2020 - Steve DeBoer

Streaking Anniversaries
Streak Retirements
A Most Interesting Statement of the Complexity of the Foot
Membership Directory

Official U.S.A. Active Running Streak List - December 1, 2002

Official U.S.A. Retired Running Streak List - December 1, 2002

Almost to the Proficient Category - Craig Snapp

Medical Impact of Running and Working Out

Neophyte Streak Runner - Susan Jones

Smokin' Asphalt - Bob Ray

Official USRSA Membership List - December 1, 2002

Nice Day for a Run - Peter Marsh

Thoughts on Foul-Weather Runs

Streaking Down Memory Lane - Mark Wigler

From The Kitchen Of

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