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The Streak Registry : USRSA's Official Quarterly Newsletter
Current Issue: Summer, 2005 Volume Five Number Two

Editorial - The World's Longest Streak
Ron Hill vs. Bob Ray - John Strumsky

Farewell to my Running Streak - Robert C. Ray

Streak Running's Iron Man (Photo) - Cindy Ray

Things I Remember from 1967 - John Strumsky

Streaking Anniversaries

Kenneth C. Young Awarded the Running Streak Medal - Dawn N. Strumsky

Official U.S.A. Active Running Streak List - July 6, 2005

Running with Pre
A Tribute on the 30th Anniversary of his Passing - John I. Watts - USRSA Chaplain

Official U.S.A. Retired Running Streak List - July 6, 2005

Patriot's Day, The Boston Marathon and My History - Mark Washburne

USRSA Members in this Year's Boston Marathon

Geza Feld Ranked #1 in USA for 2004 at National Masters Championship

Remembering Don Youngbood and Terry Fox or
How I Came To Start My Running Streak - John Strumsky

Streak Notes - George A. Hancock

Trotting The Globe - John Strumsky

Footprints Across America - Dawn N. Strumsky

Streaking The States - John Strumsky

Footprints Across America
The Poem - Dawn N. Strumsky

Stomping My State - Dawn N. Strumsky

Meandering Around Maryland - John Strumsky

Ultra-Runners: How the Doo-Dah Do They Do That? - Craig Snapp

Official USRSA Membership List - June 1, 2005

The Marathoner's Life - Craig B. Snapp

USRSA Members Total Streak Mileage - December 31, 2004

Unusual Streak Running Accomplishments

Tribute to Scott Ludwig's Run Across Georgia - Craig Snapp

Running With Heart - John Strumsky

USRSA Members Total Races - December 31, 2004

Member Updates

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