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The Streak Registry : USRSA's Official Quarterly Newsletter
Current Issue: Summer, 2008 Volume Eight Number Two

Morning Run (Poem)- John Strumsky

Streaking Anniversaries

Active Running Streak List

USRSA Running Streak Definition

Karen Queally Appreciates Award

Runner(s) of the Year Award

2007 Running & Racing Contest Winners

2008 Running & Racing Contest Leaders

Retired Running Streak List

Bob Ray’s Knee Surgery

Team USRSA Tops Million Mile Challenge

Snapp’s Stats - Craig B. Snapp

The Cumulative Running Miles List - Stephen W. DeBoer

2-27-2007 (an update) - Roger H. Nelson

Streak Notes—Summer 2008 - George A. Hancock

Streaking Through A Hurricane - Dwight Moberg

Close Encounters of the Running Kind - Fred Murolo

Mark Washburne Salutes Tom Allen on his 20th Streak Anniversary

Significant Running Milestones Reached - Ron Shealy

10,000 Days - John I. Watts

2008 Women’s Olympic Trials Marathon Results

2008 Boston Marathon Results

Traversing the (Greening) Tundra (Sort Of) - Stephen W. DeBoer

Roger Nelson on List Placement

Fiber—What Is It? - John Strumsky

Member Updates-What’s Happening with our Runners

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