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The Streak Registry : USRSA's Official Quarterly Newsletter
Current Issue: Summer, 2007 Volume Seven Number Two

Running Along - One Long Run-on Sentence (635 words) - John Strumsky

Updates on 2007 Members Running and Racing Contests

Roger Raymond Receives YMCA's Prestigious "Community Leader of the Year" Award

New Zealand Postcard! - Jon Sutherland

Streaking Anniversaries

Active Running Streak List

Summer Daze - A Poem - George Hancock

Coronado 1977 Defined "Coincidence"! - Craig B. Snapp

Retired Streak Running List

Who Is A Runner - Karen Wallace

Streakin' Cartoon - Bob Ray

'If I'm Running, I Must Still Be Alive' - David Hamilton

Clinical Observations During A 1,000-Mile Footrace - Dr. Herbert L. Fred

Streak Notes - Summer 2007 - George A. Hancock

The End Of My Streak - Stephen C. Moosbrugger

Traversing the Tundra - Steve DeBoer

Numbers, Numbers, Everywhere - Roger H. Nelson

Member Updates

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Official Association Information: info@runeveryday.com

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