United States Running Streak Association, Inc.
est. 2000

Members in the news 2008

Mark Covert featured on ABC World News Report on December 27, 2008

John Chandler featured in story "Whitefish Bay man runs for 10,000th straight day" by Lee Bergquist published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on December 24, 2008

Dr. Harvey B. Simon featured in story "A 30-Year Running Streak, Still Going Strong" by Tara Parker-Pope published in the NY Times on December 5, 2008

Dr. Harvey B. Simon featured in story "Still Running After All These Years" by Stephanie Simon published in the Wall Street Jouranl on November 28, 2008

John Roemer III & John Roemer IV featured in story by Pat van den Beemt published in the North County News on August 6, 2008

Craig Davidson featured in story by Cecilia Chan published in the Arizona Republic on July 13, 2008

John Wallace III featured in story & video on the Men's Health website

Darrin Young featured in story by Sharisse Hubbard published in the Missourian on June 7, 2008

Ronald Kmiec featured in story (& video) by Nancy Shohet West published in the Boston Globe on April 17, 2008

Running streakers featured in story "Running streak adventurers: chills, thrills and a million stories" by Candy Patrin in March/April 2008 RunMinnesota magazine (Adobe PDF format)

John and Karen Wallace featured in story, "U.P. couple runs to Gulf of Mexico", on WLUCTV.com on February 20, 2008

Jim Pearson featured in story by Larry Henry published in the Herald on February 12, 2008

John Watts featured in story by Mark Morical published in the Bend Bulletin on January 14, 2008

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